Qualified & Experienced
We are a staffing agency dedicated to providing a
qualified & experienced workforce.
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Logistics Outsourcing
Highly trained and professional workforce that is guaranteed
to manage any and all logistical requirements.
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Reduced Costs
Companies can reduce costs and save time by working with employees
that have already been professionally and thoroughly trained.
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Skilled Employees

Providing companies in virtually any industry with the best possible workforce of professionally trained and highly skilled employees to handle any client’s logistical needs.

Reduced Costs

We guarantee a dependable workforce while simultaneously reducing the client’s labor costs, streamlining the employment processing, and ensuring professional grade logistics management.

Logistics Outsourcing

We provide a quality workforce capable of providing logistical services, ensuring products are transported, stored, and delivered in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

We help companies complete logistics projects in a timely, cost-efficient manner with our

Premier Staffing Solutions

Supply Chain Management

  • Transportation
  • Warehouse Maintenance 
  • Product Distribution

Distribution Center

  • Packaging Services
  • Inventory Management & Analysis
  • Logistics Requirements

Retail Industry

  • Merchandising
  • Stocking
  • Product Delivery/Transport 

Leadership Team

Support Staff Solution’s experienced team works hard to assure all clients have the best quality logistics support.

Juan Amado

Founder & CEO

Alejandro Amado

Founder & CEO

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